The Holz-Zentralblatt concludes: “FSC is a contraproductive colossus”

On December 10th  2010 the German “Holz-Zentrallblatt” – one of the most important journals for wood and timber – released a FSC-critical interview with Gerriet Harms (founder of this website).
We welcome that FSC-critical voices like this get more and more attention – a fact, that is also supported by the feedback we got after the article was published. Public attention in form of articles like that is still crucial. Even though the article is over seven years old now, the things Mr Harms critisised haven’t improved at all. On the contrary, some have changed to the worse (more information can be found by surfing through our articles).

The full interview can be read here: “Der FSC – ein kontraproduktiver Koloss”

Unfortunately, it is just in German so far, pleace contact us in case a translation is needed urgently.

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